Watercolour Illustration

Watercolour Illustrations

Delicate and detailed hand-drawn, inked and painted illustrations.
I am specialized at painting foods, based on photos, real-life or up to my imagination or request!

Illustrations List:

  1. Food – best at drawing foods!
  2. Characters – such as mermaids, objects and items, dogs, animals etc!
  3. Portraits – family, friend, loved one, significant other, grandmother etc. portrait
  4. Floral  – in love with drawing florals and botanical illustrations, perfect for weddings.
  5. Products – good at realistic interpretations with artistic additions and to fit style and colour schemes

I am a full-time illustrator, engage me for a:

  • One-time illustration ( for a gift, or to design for someone etc. )
  • Long-term service hire ( minimum 1 month watercolour services )
  • Set of illustrations ( such as series, menu, festival designs, card design, gift box design etc. )